I’m having a lazy day. To be fair, I am down and out with a virus, and my lower back pain is out of control. I think my body is trying to tell me to slow down – I’m frantically trying to do so much before I fly out to Paris on June 15th, including:

  • Finish the last edit for my novel before my agent starts taking it out on dates with publishers. It has to be in the best outfit possible for them to want a subsequent date with my writing. Considering I wore a Batgirl shirt, old grey jeans and mismatched converse on my first date with my husband, I don’t fare well in this department.
  • Finish off my site redesign – that amalgamation of wordsmithlane and chasingaphrodite that I have had on my to-do list for ages now
  • Get to a physiotherapist, a doctor (for shots), the Benefit store in Paddington (my eyebrows have taken on a life of their own), a hairdresser, etc etc
  • Decide something about my thesis. I do so well, then I hit a slump. I have a couple of months to decide if it is time to drop out, and sadly, I think it is
  • Marking the assessments for my wonderful students at the University of Notre Dame
  • Clean every inch of my house
  • Re-pack: Yes, I packed already and now I must unpack because apparently the European summer is going to look a lot like ours. Not summery at all, that is
  • Finalise the briefs for two articles I will be writing while overseas
  • Convince the NSW Office of State Revenue that I was indeed entitled to my First Home Owners grant by schlepping a bunch of bills that prove I lived in my house in the first year of owning it to someone to sign. Something I totally cannot be bothered to do. I am wondering if they know they’re chasing a person who actually drove 50 hours on her L plates (and racked up over $2500 worth of driving lessons in the process) because she was afraid of lying to the RTA.

Anyway, despite this extensive list that has manifested itself as a cherry on top of the perpetual anxiety that is my everyday, I spent my day recovering from the virus and paying no heed to my to-do list. I watched Young Adult (ironically about an author who can’t finish her YA novel) on the couch and ate Ben & Jerry’s ice-cream (vanilla with cookie dough chunks, in case you were wondering), wondering how Charlize Theron could be so hot, and reading blogs. And then I came across this wonderful post by one of my favourite writers, Liv Hambrett, where she lists her favourite 15 blogs as well as seven things about herself, then passes the baton onto the other bloggers to do the same. I love this sort of stuff so I had to take part:

Seven things about me:

  1. I fit the writerly stereotype. Or so I have been told. I write in my head, I am overly dramatic, I write a lot of questions, I am often mentally plagued with a number of things, I write in the dark surrounded my cups and scraps of paper. And everything has the potential to be a story.
  2. I literally am a walking contradiction. I love expensive, luxurious things but yearn for simplicity. Money doesn’t make me happy, but I let myself think it does. I tell my husband I don’t care if we had nothing, but I know I would whinge if we didn’t it. I can also be incredibly stupid for someone who is supposedly smart/intellectual. And I am a very open-minded conservative. But, despite being a walking contradiction, I make perfect sense.
  3. I salute the statue of the ANZAC soldier on the Anzac Bridge when I drive past it. It’s become my thing. I do the sign of the cross after I salute as well, as a quick prayer for those who gave their lives for my wonderful country.
  4. I am a Taurus. I don’t really believe in the ‘this will happen to you’ part of astrology, BUT I think the time that people are born determines their personality. I am a true Taurean. My ruling planet is Venus, goddess of beauty and love (hello Aphrodite, her Greek equivalent). I am an iron fist in a velvet glove. I love emeralds, and I am creative, loyal, determined and stubborn – though I am happy to give people their due and can admit when I am wrong. And, as my profiles in RUSSH and Marie-Claire have told me, I am the quintessential Chanel girl.
  5. I can go an entire day without eating if I am busy and distracted. But, if I am bored, I might as well be camping out in front of the fridge/pantry.
  6. I sang a Lebanese Mother’s Day song on the Lebanese radio when I was in Kindergarten and everyone related to us heard it, except my mum. Apparently I didn’t tell her I was doing it because I was shy. Yet evidently not shy enough to say no about doing a solo serenade.
  7. My dream is to move to Paris for at least three months to write a book there, but I am scared of how much I might miss my mum and sisters.

And as for my 15 many blogs (I have gone to the liberty of adding why I like them):

  1. A Big Life – Liv is one talented writer. She is amazing. Read her blog and you too will wonder why a publisher has not snapped her up yet. Witticisms galore! Thanks for the shout-out, Liv.
  2. Musings of an Inappropriate Woman – One of my favourite thinkers, Rachel Hills, on feminism, gender, life etc.
  3. Cupcakes and Cashmere – I want Emily’s closet, talent for thinking up stuff like this, and all-round awesomeness.
  4. The Blog Stylist – Bree has been my saving grace for all things web-related and I love that she shares her wealth of info via her blog.
  5. Sarah Wilson – For all my doses of wellness juice.
  6. Girl with a Satchel -Love Erica’s honest, heart-warming look at others, which I like to think is a by-product of her (authentic) Christianity
  7. Project Sweet Stuff – I am obsessed with cake, travel, food and the amazing bundle of talent (and heart) that is Viola Marie Doyle.
  8. Pretty Fluffy – I don’t have a dog but I love everything about Serena’s work, style, writing etc
  9. Eva Chen – I am not going to lie, it’s all about the clothes (and shoes). The woman oozes my fave labels: Chanel, Marc Jacobs and Miu Miu, oh my!
  10. The Organised Housewife – Because I need to be an organised writer, wife, teacher, etc and am making a miserable mess of everything on a daily basis.
  11. Little Bits of Lovely – Love her blog style and taste, it’s like little doses of aphrodite daily.
  12. Hip Paris Blog – Paris. Need I say more?
  13. The Happiness Cocktail – Yaz Turker is nice and authentic and it shows.
  14. Megan Burke’s Literary Life – Megan is so passionate about books and it is totally obvious. She knows a lot about the publishing industry, so I gravitate to her blog when there’s something I want to know, because she’s probably already covered it.
  15. Melinda Tankard Reist – There are things that I read that I might not necessarily agree with, but then there are others that remind me of how we have become so desensitized to certain treatments of women. Like women in bikinis playing gridiron, even though male players are padded from head to toe.


Honorary mentions also go to the below, because to me, they’re either A) not blogs so much as websites/online mags and B) not ones I read everyday but that I love nonetheless:

  • The Modern Woman’s Survival Guide
  • Drop Dead Gorgeous Daily
  • Scarlett Harris’ The Early Bird Catches the Worm – I don’t check into Scarlett Harris’ blog every single day, but when I do, there’s always something interesting to read. She has a good way of musing over life topics through a social, cultural, political framework.
  • Sandi Seiger’s In the Thick of It – She’s so opinionated and I love it. Another one I don’t check into every single day, but when I do, I feel the passion in her words.
  • Tammi Ireland’s Coveted Canvas: I don’t read a lot of beauty blogs (because I am obsessed with the beauty writings of my friend Hayley at primped) but I love Tammi’s writing style. She writes relationships and dating really well and she’d make a great columnist.
  • The lovely Abi Moustafa has just started at Adventures of a Wogarella, which so far, has been fun to see unravel. Wishing you all the best Abi!

So there you have it. Have happily passed on the bloggy baton, and would love to know – what are your fave blogs to read?