Starting a business? Need to re-launch? Or simply throwing a fabulous party for corporate clients?

Earlier this week, Roxy Jacenko launched her debut novel in a fabulous soiree at her Woollahra home. The PR queen is no stranger to fabulous corporate celebrations, thanks to her signature style of social page-worthy functions with no expenses spared, and with her team of Bettys by her side, she’s managed to pull off another flawless event. So how does one of Sydney’s top PR agencies manage to do this? We asked Montarna McDonald of Sweaty Betty PR for her tips in a bid to find out. Scroll to the bottom for pictures of the book launch too.

What are the things everyone should look out for when hosting a product launch, corporate lunch or event? Attention to detail is crucial. From location down to floral arrangements and candle placement, no detail is too small to overlook.

What little details do you think make the event? It’s the attention to EVERY little detail that make an event. Like I said, whether it be the location, checking weather forecasts, and doing guest lists down to candle scents, seating plans, gift bag contents, the placement of place cards or what photographer to use, if every element of an event is clearly planned out and factored in, in your planning then you will be setting yourself up for a success.

Is timing everything? How long after the starting time should things kick off – regardless if everyone else is there or not? An event should kick off at the start time of the invite. That said – there is nothing wrong with having a bit of line up out the front, creating buzz and making sure the event looks desirable. It isn’t brain surgery – if you see a line anywhere it only makes you want to get in more.

What are some ways to guarantee the wow factor? To guarantee a WOW factor you need to secure a fabulous guest list, unique location and bring something fresh and new to the table – whether it be an amazing gift bag, a guest appearance by a celebrity or an outstanding installation or centrepiece.

What should you keep in mind when planning an event that you want to make the social pages, or trade magazines and websites?You need to make sure you create that WOW factor – great location, guest list, entertainment, gift bags and a point of difference. You need GREAT pictures of interesting and relevant talent and a bang on press release ready before the competition would have even opened their eyes and got out of bed. If it means writing through the night, hey that’s the job!

Boozy guests: Keep them in or toss them out? That’s what’s great about having a big team working across our events. All the girls can work the room to ensure everyone has a good time but at the same time work to make sure no one needs to be tossed out.

Do you think dress codes should be included on invites? Yes or no? It really depends on the event. There is nothing more uncomfortable for a guest than turning up in the wrong ensemble – you can be sure they will  be quick smart out the door, and won’t want to pose for the photographers – and that is the LAST thing we as organisers want. Something to certainly think about – but as I said, it depends on the event.

Centrepieces with the Wow Factor help set the scene
Little details are everything: The type of flowers, the type of scent and even the lighting create an ambience that matters


Celebrity guests make it social-page worthy


Pretty gifts to take away make for very happy guests


Entertainment to get the party started & the guests ooohing and ahhhing


The Author with her daughter, Pixie-Rose