I am extremely frazzled today. Was frazzled yesterday too, on account of the load of writing I have to do. Sounds like a good thing, but in reality it’s not. I am actually writing pitches – loads of them in fact. I have so many articles on the backburner, and at least three magazines who are waiting for an article on spec (that’s when you write the article first, and then they decide if they want to buy it).

The thing is, I have wasted weeks and weeks waiting on pitch feedback from magazines only to be told that they’re not interested way down the track (and usually after I have followed up countless times). As a result, I have crazy thoughts rushing through my head, thoughts that break the taboo of freelance writing and go something along the lines of pitch to anyone and everyone and let it be first in, first served.

The thing is, I have always professed to do everything by the book. I mean, I studied journalism at university for four years and apart from the fact that I am the biggest goody-two-shoes that does not break rules EVER, I feel it is slightly unprofessional to do what I am contemplating. But stories are like time-bombs that only have a limited time, and there’s nothing like being told your article has lost its timeliness in the six weeks its been waiting in someone’s inbox, when all they had to do was drop you a quick line via email saying thanks but no thanks. 

So naturally, I am sitting here, run off my feet but with not much to show for it, contemplating what should never be done: Pitching to multiple publications at the same time. Apart from being unprofessional, it could get me in trouble if, in an ideal world, more than one publication actually wanted it.

And considering I am just getting to breakfast now (and I have been up since 6am mind you) I really can’t handle the pressure. Anyone reading ever been in a similar pickle?

So let me calculate: I have four pitches to write, three articles to write on spec, and three interviews to conduct today. Yep, I really need that time machine right about now….And in case you think I am exaggerating – take a look at the horror that is my (ugly) desk. Apart from the fact that I want to buy a new pretty one but lack the funds (especially since I discovered a hole in my sneakers this morning and obviously shoes that aren’t missing any vital parts are more pressing) you can see that it in fact, has been hit by the time bomb of pressing stories. Check out the post its and to do lists, and if you can, the pile of books up top that need reviewing. Sigh. And of course, because it’s now 1:40pm and life is not doing it for me these days, breakfast in the bottom left-hand corner. Writing is a labour of love, Sarah, writing is a labour of love. 

But surely even love has a time-bomb that will eventually explode if it doesn’t do good by you? I guess my writing and I will figure that out soon enough…