I ran out to buy this book after I saw Hess’ apartment in a fairly ‘Frenchy’ issue of Madison. Hess’ Parisian apartment was white, lots of clean lines and pretty accents anf finishes, and I absolutely fell in love. And although she didn’t decorate the majority of it on a shoe string (she’s from Melbourne and has shipped items back and forth) I still wanted a piece of her style. Her book features 101 ways to live the fashionably luxe life for less, and as you know, we here at The Aphrodite Chase are all about little things that add luxe to our everyday. So apart from the Tiffany Blue interior and the 101 tips, what’s so fabulous about this book? The illustrations! Hess has created displays for Neiman Marcus, worked for Net-a-Porter, and drawn for the likes of Vogue and Instyle – and her work is amazing. Alongside tips like ‘Think Parisian’ (ie, quality over quantity when it comes to your wardrobe) and ‘Entertain in’ are the kinds of pictures that a fashionable girl will hang all over her walls as art. In my opinion, the tips were all about cliche but the drawings are what make the book. It’s a read-it-once-and-place-it-on-the-coffee-table book, but at least that way even your guests will appreciate her amazing talent for drawing. Check out Kerrie’s blog for more.