Undid all the health benefits of my 7km Bay Walk thanks to this plate of French Toast at Nields Park Pavilion

Hello April, Hello (impending) Easter. It feels like just yesterday I was celebrating my girl’s first Christmas, and now here I am, wondering if its inappropriate that I have decided not to buy her Easter eggs. Hey, it’s not like I am not celebrating – in fact, as a matter of principle in the face of growing consumerism I choose not to buy Hot Cross Buns until Easter week – but still, it seems a little mean. So I am taking comfort in the fact that I chose to celebrate Palm Sunday with her in the traditional Lebanese way, which involved her wearing a brand new frock (a Chloe one, no less, which was a gift from a relative) and being a given a candle decorated with olive branches so she can join the other children in the traditional procession and welcome Jesus into her heart. This weekend, I am looking forward to spending time with loved ones before getting back into the daily grind. I am way behind on so much, but still going to take the time out to enjoy this lovely season that promises warm nights in away from the chill, new life and togetherness. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend, with ferrero rocher eggs and warm hot cross buns with lashings of butter.

The Happy Cookbook Lola Berry

So excited to have found a recipe for lemon curd in Lola Berry’s The Happy Cookbook (PanMacmillan, $34.99), which boasts over 130 wholesome recipes, sans the boredom, including desserts, spreads and salad dressings, to make your healthy diet all-encompassing

Country Road Lavinia Derby

After searching far and wide for two years or so, I have finally found a pair of Brogues that I love

Forever TV ShowI’m not normally a fan of murder mysteries, but I think the old-world, English character of Dr Henry Morgan has me hooked on this show (it certainly helps that he’s a bit of a looker)

Lost For Words QT Hotel

This notebook I found in my room at the QT Hotel is perfectly reflective of my current situation

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