Everyone around you is probably saying this, but can you believe how fast January has gone? I know the end of February is still far off, but I am sort of dreading saying goodbye to those long summer days when it finally wraps up and Autumn hits – I just don’t know how I am going to fare with that extra hour of daylight now that life – post-baby – seems so much busier. I am even more paranoid given the speed of said time and the approach of my editing deadline, which I have already pushed back once. Sometimes I catch myself thinking of what I can shake off for the sake of time and energy, but nothing really fits into the equation, so I’ll continue to be a little duck in this big, big lake of daily life, peddling furiously between the surface, thankful for those little loves that make each day – and week – that much brighter.


This Smash water bottle ($10, Big W) ticks every single box for me: Glass (no BPA), thin (fits my car’s cup holder) and two spouts (one full-width one for adding/emptying fruit, the other a smaller spout for drinking).

Jane the Virgin

I have Foxtel for the first time in a long time at the moment, and I am obsessed with this show + so many home renovation programs that are likely to take my building costs way over budget (Also: How cute is love interest/baby-daddy Raphael?)

Happy Lab Popcorn

I love that Happy Lab stocks flavoured popcorn, which is kind of one of my favourite things of all time. I discovered this flavour via Steph of Lipstick & Cake


New notebooks from Typo that are perfect for indulging that wanderlust that keeps ideas flowing


Flattering and versatile, this dress from Sheike has quickly become a firm wardrobe favourite