Brie warmed in the oven makes a delicious post-dinner treat
Brie warmed in the oven and topped with cherry jam makes a delicious post-dinner treat

It’s been one of those crazy weeks fortnights that has gone by so quickly. I’ve gone into work four days per week, which means those rare, quiet moments at home with my baby are more precious than ever, and that one elusive day off, which is meant to be reserved for writing, is filled with errands and doctor’s appointments and eyebrow waxes. I’m approaching the one week mark since the relaunch of the blog and already, I’m running out of time to take pictures to accompany my posts. I almost didn’t make the ring one (below) which is why it’s sub-standard: I got a colleague to take it in the awfully-lit office building I now spend my time in. All of the above mean some of my new year’s resolutions are falling by the wayside, but that’s got me determined to keep at them. And despite all the deadlines, I am making an effort to enjoy the little things. There are a backlog of blog posts in my Feedly that I am looking forward to reading (although I have recently managed to catch some great ones by Rachel Hills, Vicki Archer and Rachel Gadiel) and loads of Evernote clippings to catch up on (like this, this and this much needed one on productivity), but there’s also been a lot to savour. I love these last few days before the Australia Day long weekend, when it almost feels like Sydney is still in holiday mode, before school takes off again and we find ourselves chugging along until Easter. Happy Humpday!

Skinceuticals CF
This SkinCeuticals serum has made a major difference to my skin, making it worth the slightly high price tag
Kind of obsessed with fine jewellery at the moment. This is a good mix of high and low end
This book, which was published through the author’s writing group, was so adorable.
I bought this T2 jug as a gift to myself at Christmas time, and I am obsessed with it. It comes with tea bags + recipes perfect for summer.