Sarah’s work has appeared in a number print and online publications, including Madison, ABC Unleashed, The Punch, Yen, Cleo, Shop Til You Drop, Girlfriend, Sunday Magazine, Frankie, Eureka St, Cosmopolitan, Trespass and more. Below are a selected collection of links and articles from Sarah’s varied publication portfolio.

ABC Unleashed:

Gang Glamour 7th August, 2009


Kids? Cash? Career? What was your mum doing when she was your age? May 2008

Is your workplace a health hazard? February 2009

Self-help or Self-harm? February 2010

Unveiled Warnings

Collective Hub:

Business Tripping

Girl Up!

She who shoots, scores

Dutch Courage

The Sweetest Thing


Future-proof your career

Eureka St:

Race Riots & The Multiplex Volume 19, No. 14

Carols in the Gang Land Volume 19, No. 24


Everybody has a story – Elizabeth Barnard Issue 35, May/June 2010


How to: Deal with Centrelink  August 2007

How to: Live a Chanel life on a Supre budget June 2008

How to: Get out of trouble the adult way August 2008

Panic at the disco! Is your party a recipe for disaster? September 2008

Have Textbook, Will Travel: How to get a Global Education October 2008

A girl’s Rite September 2009

Are you posing for a poser?

When your crush is your teacher

Fast & Frenzied Feed: The new eating disorder

I thought I was a fun party girl, but I had no sense of self-worth

New school, No friends

Hire Education

The Last Minute Cram

The Guardian: 

Still looking for Alibrandi, November 2014

Ditch the premature outrage: Why I’ll be giving the Habibs a chance, February 2016

House & Garden:


When I grow up, I wanna be a gangsta August 2010


Be your own cheerleader

Do you have a killer career?

Drink smarter this summer

Notebook: Magazine:

Doing it for themselves February 2010

SBS Life:

Australian YA novels are great champions of diversity, February 2016

Shop Til You Drop:

The Great Wardrobe Makeover, March 2009

Sunday Life:
Talking about my generation

Sunday Style:

Have you noticed…bottled water has gone bonkers? 18th March 2007
Are you a Slacktivist?
Twitter Burn


How the Inspired get Inspired Issue 30, Nov/Dec

I do…but they don’t Issue 31, Jan/Feb

51 Ways to be happy Issue 32, March/April

Happy Shiny People Issue 32, March/April

Generation Y Bother Issue 41, November/December