It’s been a really long time since my last post, and I must say I am awfully disappointed in myself. I have a long list of ideas for posts, but they’ve been no match for the competition: colds and flus – even during the festive season, low motivation levels, and an all-round flustered attitude as I think about book deadlines, changing staff on my publishing team (my publisher resigned late last year, and her replacement doesn’t start for another month) and everything that comes with life – weddings and social engagements, housework, spending time with family and friends.

My husband gifted me with a rather cool camera this Christmas – specifically to put to use on the blog, he told me (given he’s well-aware of my bad photography skills) – so I hope there’s a sunny day in sight, but until then, I plan to lay low until I feel motivated enough to get back into it without it compromising the writing of the novel I’m almost half-way into.

Until then, I’ll share something I have forgotten to share in all the craziness – unless you follow me on social media that is – and that is a little video shot on the night of my debut book launch for Hate is such a Strong Word. It was rather strange hearing that my voice sounds the way that it does, but of all the feedback received on the video, my personal fave was probably this comment:

“Don’t ever lose your wog accent, Sarah. It’s very endearing.”

I think Sophie would find some comfort in that.

PS I know I am waffling, but I had forgotten my speech at home.