1. Get dressed. There’s nothing like part-taking in your usual morning routine to help you set the tone for the day ahead. Getting dressed adds a certain seriousness to your work day, helps you feel fresh and alive, and enables you to approach your tasks with the professional outlook they require. Working in PJs may sound appealing, but you end up feeling lethargic and unaccomplished when you do. I’ve sometimes been at home and have had to rush out to do an interview that someone else couldn’t make, or to do a skype chat, so getting dressed also ensures you can zip out quickly if you need to.
  2. Work that work space. Having a work space allows you to really separate your work from your home life, creating that ideal balance that allows you to start fresh everyday. When you sit at your desk, you’re not glancing around the room to find that you really ought to do some dusting, or some ironing, or whatever else is on your list. Even if it’s just a little desk underneath the stairs or in the corner of the living room – it’s your sacred space and working from it – while keeping it tidy – ensures you stay focused and productive.
  3. Schedule it like a work day. You wouldn’t hang up your washing and watch Ellen from your office, so why do it at home? Spend your time at the end of each day writing out your goals for the next one – that way you’ve let out everything that’s on your mind so you can go about your evening stress-free, and approach each new day with the focus on achieving those tasks in particular blocks of time. Use your favourite blocker/self-control apps to ban you from sites that impact your productivity, and set particular blocks of time to do things like answer emails, make phone calls, use social media and filing/maintenance.