You asked:

Hi Sarah!
I’m an aspiring print media journalist, currently studying the HSC this year.
Later in the year I have to start applying for undergraduate university degrees, and was wondering if a Bachelor of Communication was a good way to go, or a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media?
I just have so many interests!
Thank you,
Sarah, NSW

I answered:

Hi Sarah,
Thanks for your message. Firstly, best of luck with your HSC this year.
I guess it all depends first on what type of journalist you want to be. It’s a good idea to do a Bachelor of Arts majoring in Media Studies if you have a “lot” of interests, because that enables you to choose many different subjects and learning areas. It will also widen your world in the sense that you’ll gain knowledge in a variety of areas, which will enhance your writing. But you can do the same with a solid media degree, which in the changing media climate, might be a better option in the sense that you can major in different media forms (I myself regret focussing solely on print, and not also on radio and TV which would have broadened my career options, even though I am currently happy doing what I do).
My suggestion is to to look at the universities you want to go to, then check out their arts/media programs and the subjects/rules of the degrees. Once you know what’s on offer, the decision is easier to make. I’d steer towards universities that offer a practical side  – I learnt a lot about writing ‘theories’ but that did not help me be a journalist. When I went out in the field, some of my colleagues (or even other workies) had done assessments using various technologies, and learnt skills like shorthand and video editing.
Good Luck with the decision.